The X-Factor rifle is StylePlus’ exclusive environmentally friendly rifle. Fully adjustable with our patent pending weight system and constructed of molded polyethylene polymer this rifle is virtually unbreakable.

  • Easy to adjust the weight to your personal preference without changing the balance point of your rifle.
  • Rifle weights come in 7 different increments so you can work your way up slowly or more to your specific weight of choice. Simply add our adjustable weights that are hidden inside your rifle. lighter model ofthe X-Factor is perfect for teaching younger students and members.
  • TheX-Factor is so unique we even offer a 36” Lite version at 1.75lbs, this
  • Patented weight system maintains the same balance point even when moving between different weight increments.
  • 100% recyclable including the leather strap.
  • Maintenance free.


  • W/Strap 36” (XFACT36)........$58.95
  • W/Strap 39” (XFACT39)........$62.25
  • W/O Strap 36” (XFACT36NS).........$56.95
  • W/O Strap 39” (XFACT39NS).........$58.95

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