Getting Started

We’re With You Every Step

Thank you for your interest in our company. We take your passion seriously because we’ve stood in your shoes. Many members of our team once twirled, marched, danced, choreographed, composed and played in the band.

We know it’s essential to get every costume just right. That’s why we produce each one right here in the USA with the highest level of quality.

Browsing through our website is easy. Simply click on a costume to see the color options, related male and female costumes and place your order.

To customize with a color or design change, include the CCD number of the costume you want and the color you want it in. You change the pants style, skirt, sleeves or other detail by including those details when setting up your order. We will return a drawing of the costume reflecting your color and design revisions.

Custom designs are created from the information you provide when setting up your order. Once a designer has received every piece of information from you, they will prepare a custom design and send a drawing of the costume with design and color details.

We love it when you share our designs in the world but keep in mind the drawings sent to you by Creative Costuming & Designs, Inc. (CCD) are copyrighted. They are the property of CCD and intended to be used by CCD exclusively.

Click here to start your order by completing your client and show information.

Complete ALL of the information about your ensemble, show and costume details and submit.

You will receive an email confirmation and an invoice for the $250 deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this form. This deposit will be credited to your order. Refunds on cancelled orders will be honored if no work or design has been provided by CCD.

Pay the deposit invoice by check, school P.O. or credit card.

Receipt of the deposit AND show/costume information will result in your order to be scheduled in our production timeline which includes:

  • Client Design approval due date
  • Client Material approval due date
  • Client Measurements due date
  • Client Payment due dates

Custom Designs detailed information is available on the Custom Design page.

There are a limited number of custom design production spots available during each season.

CCD is proud that our unique costumes are designed and stylized with the performers in mind. Our #1 priority is to make your ensemble look and feel their best. We offer a wide range of styles and pricing with 3 levels of design services:

Website Collection – Your delivery date is determined after we have received your deposit. The time of year is also a factor.

  • You can select a costume from our website and order it exactly as it appears or you can customize the design colors.
  • Our design staff will provide you with a color drawing and material swatch images in your selected color palate
  • Customized materials may increase adjusted price depending upon the material changes you request.
  • Your order is considered active upon receipt of your deposit.

Customized Website Costumes – Your delivery date is determined after we have received your deposit. The time of year is also a factor.

  • You can select a costume from our website collection AND make changes to the design
  • Customized website costumes use the published base price but the final adjusted price is determined by the changes you request.
  • Your order is considered active upon receipt of your deposit.

Custom Designs – Your delivery date is determined after we have received your deposit. The time of year is also a factor.

Website pricing is available when you click on the picture. There may be pricing changes if you alter the costume pieces or materials.

Quotes for Custom Website and Custom Designs will be provided to you when you receive your design drawing.

Minimum Base Pricing

A minimum of 9 identical costumes (design and materials) is required for each order.

We will accept orders for less than 9; however there will be an additional fee. See the pricing chart below.

Different costumes in a group must have at least 9 people in the same costume style and materials.

Five (5) different costumes in an order will extend your delivery timeline.

Minimum order pricing will also apply to post-production add-ons, including REPEAT Parade/Spirit orders.

Base Pricing - Design Variations, Multiple Styles & 8 or Less
No. of Performers Base Price
8 Base Price + $10 per costume
7 Base Price + $20 per costume
6 Base Price + $30 per costume
5 Base Price + $40 per costume
4 Base Price + $50 per costume
3 Base Price + $60 per costume
2 Base Price + $70 per costume
1 Base Price + $80 per costume
$250 Printing Set-Up Fee

This fee includes artwork, graphic and technical artwork for the print and sample strike off pieces. This charge is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Custom printed material extends your delivery time. (See Custom Design)

CCD will send a sample website costume at no charge after your $250 deposit is received. The sample is property of CCD must be returned sample within 30 days. A return label is provided by CCD for your convenience.

Should you decide not to continue with an order after the sample has shipped to you, CCD will deduct $30 for the shipments and return the balance of your deposit to you ($220.00).

Fabrics used in sample website costumes are subject to availability. CCD will use the closest color/style of fabric available.

Customized website and custom designs prototypes, see CUSTOM DESIGN.

Don’t Forget Your Timeline Due Date

Submit measurements through our website portal.

Accuracy is important

Submit all information including height and weight. Missing information could delay the delivery of your costumes.

Use Note Section to include details such as style assignment, skin tones, etc.

View our video and watch how to measure.

Units of measure must be Inches and U.S. Pounds.

Don’t Forget Your Timeline Due Date

An electronic invoice will be emailed to the Billing Contact and Primary Instructor names that were submitted with your costume order. The invoice is created when you have finalized your design.

Payment Options
  1. 100% Payment due by your published date in the production timeline.
    • Clears order for manufacturing.
    • All organization types are eligible for this option.

  2. School / District-issued Purchase Order for 100% of order total to be received no later than the date provided in the published production timeline.
    • Clears order for manufacturing..
    • Final invoice sent after shipping.
    • This option is available for payments received directly from Schools, ASB, and School Districts. Independent groups/Booster Clubs – See Option 1.

All major credit cards are accepted::


Upon receipt of your costumes, please open boxes immediately and fit performers as soon as possible. If you find any discrepancies to the costume you received please let us know within 7 days of receiving the costumes. Once we have received this information, we will assess and determine the next step.

Please do not have costume altered without contacting CCD if you feel the costume was not constructed properly.

All shipments will be made by UPS or Fed EX Ground Service unless otherwise requested. CCD must have required payment on file before we can release orders for shipment. Add-on/Prototype costumes must be paid full before shipment.

Shipping and Handling (U.S. Only)
Order Amount Ground
(Delivered End of Day)
2nd Day Air
(Delivered End of Day)
Next Day Air Saver
(Delivered by 3 PM)
$0 - $125 $15.00 $45.00 $90.00
$126 - $500 $20.00 $65.00 $120.00
$501 - $1000 $25.00 $95.00 $150.00
$1001 - $1500 $35.00 $125.00 $180.00
$1501 - $2000 $45.00 $155.00 $220.00
$2001 - $2500 $55.00 $190.00 $260.00
$2501 - $3000 $65.00 $225.00 $370.00
$3001* - $3500* $75.00 $260.00 $400.00
$3501* - $4000* $85.00 $300.00 $430.00
$4001* - $4500* $95.00 $350.00 $460.00
$4501* - $5000* $105.00 $400.00 $530.00
$5001* - $5500* $115.00 $435.00 $635.00
$5501* - $6000* $125.00 $470.00 $680.00

*Ground shipping charges will be waived if 100% payment is received prior to published due date on sales order.


Alaska, Hawaii and all other shipments outside of the US will incur additional shipping rates. That rate will be determined upon invoicing.

If you would like us to use another UPS shipping service other then what is listed above such as Saturday delivery, the rate will be determined at time of request.

  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Do not soak or leave wet in a pile.
  • Do not wash in a machine. “Delicate” or “hand” cycles are not the same as hand washing.
  • Do not use Arm & Hammer deodorant.
  • Do not use Woolite soap.
  • No hot water.
  • No dryer.
  • No iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Cover your costume when using hair spray or perfume.
  • Use Windex to get out grease or oil stains.

The fabrics we use on our pants do not require a hem, so no sewing is required:

  • Put costume on and make sure the waist and crotch are in the right area.
  • Stand up straight and look straight ahead, have someone else mark the bottom of the pants where they hit the floor behind the heel of the foot.
  • Remove the costume and fold the pants so the legs lay on top of each other and are flat.
  • At the mark, cut straight across the leg to the other side thru both legs.